Fiona is so good and I enjoyed it. Will benefit from it as usual’. Barbara Greenwood. Buckland.

‘My experience with Bampton Physio was fantastic. After nearly 3 years of suffering with knee pain and neck pain, Fiona has cured me after just 5 sessions and now I am able to do my keep fit again. Excellent all round service. Many, many thanks’. John Hughes of Witney.

‘Thank you Fiona for your help with the pain in my right hip/leg. You said it was probably a tight tendon and gave me an exercise to do. I have to say that I was unsure that it was going to cure the pain, but you were spot on! After doing the exercise for 10 days I was pain free – how clever you are, thank you so much. It is so nice not to have the pain any more. I totally recommend you!’ Karen Evans. Sutton, Witney.

‘My thanks for all your good work. What a combination: Gibbons and Farmer:- no more hobbling for me. We are moving to Kent soon. Where will I find another Physio like you?’ Colin Newlands, Alvescot.

‘A friendly yet very Professional approach’

‘Nothing to add! Great experience and have felt a real benefit from the treatment in a short time’.

‘Very welcoming start to my visit’.

‘Excellent friendly service’.

‘After always trying to be careful with my back and after a lower back operation some 20 years ago, you can imagine my apprehension to be referred to Fiona for Physio when I foolishly damaged my back and had intense pain through the buttocks and down my left leg. I needn’t have worried though, as with a strict order of exercises and constant support as well as some firm direction, the pain slowly receded and now after 6 months it has gone altogether. This has been without any medical intervention and without any strong drugs, after the initial damage. I also now have in place a routine of exercises to keep my back in good form as well as an emergency code to take on board if I am stupid enough to misuse my back again. THANK YOU Fiona for getting us back on track and for all the support and help during this difficult time. I would thoroughly recommend this alternative to surgery anytime’. Richard Berry.

‘Hi Fiona, just a quick update. I had a successful visit to the hospital. I would like to thank you for all your help and advice. I’m certain that if it hadn’t been for your diagnosis I would still be suffering from unexplained leg pain and struggling on without a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so very much’.Julie Foster. Carterton.

‘Fiona has cured me. Wonderful job. Would recommend Bampton Physio to anyone. Keep up the good work!’ Mark Isaacs. Stanford in the Vale.

‘Fiona identified and treated my very sore Piriformis muscle in 1 appointment and the pain went away in a fortnight – a miracle! Thank you very much’.


After two years of trying to get pregnant, we had decided to try IVF. I went to Michelle for some reflexology treatments to help me prepare for the grueling procedures we were about to undertake. After a few weekly sessions with Michelle, and two weeks before we were about to start IVF, I found out I was pregnant. I am sure that the reflexology helped my body to relax and enabled it to conceive naturally. Michelle was positive and supportive and I can't thank her enough.

I felt wonderfully relaxed after my treatment


I just wanted to say thanks for the session yesterday. I'm feeling really positive about my new nutritional balance and especially knowing thatI'm going forward on a good scientific basis rahter than depending on some fad idea. The recipes really help as they are not just things that will help me with my diet but will also be enjoyable to friends and family as well.

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