From 23.05.18 we are required to inform you about the data we collect, process, store and dispose of about you.

At Bampton Physiotherapy, we are committed to protecting your personal information and using it in a legitimate and Professional manner.  We take this very seriously.

We are required by Professional statutes and law to collect data about you in order to provide the best possible Physiotherapy service to you.  this information is held securely, both electronically and in paper form and is shared between data controllers:

Fiona Farmer and Caroline Dew, for the sole purpose of carrying out the business of Physiotherapy.  Contact information is held about you if you are a class participant in order that we may be able to inform you of changes of class schedule.  We will not share information about you with others without your consent or legitimate cause.

We additionally share information, with your consent, with Professional colleagues, such as GP's, Consultants and Lawyers when required to do so.

The information about you is required to be kept for 8 years after the completion of your last contact with us, or, in the case of a child, until that child reaches the age of 21 years.  After this period of time, all paper data is shredded and securely disposed of and electronic data is deleted

You have the right to view or amend any data we hold at any time by contacting the Data Controller, Fiona Farmer at: 

22 Calais Dene, Bampton. OX18 2NR